sábado, 4 de abril de 2009


Trabajo de fotomanipulación de producción propia
Okapi: "Okapi 2" de eldawen13
Mariposas: "16 Butterflies .psd Stock" de Fairiegoodmother
Bosque: "Enchanted Forest Stock 4" de MissyStock


Okakapi is a typical result of the increasing chemical pollution of our environment, which causes unpredictable mutations. This animal shows clearly, that this could be of advantage sometimes. Once it's gotten used to the fact, that it's gallop not longer sounds like "patatam patatam", but more like "patatatatam patatatatam" it can delight in it's new incredible velocity.
BUT: what's even better - no longer buzz flies around Okakapis backside! No! Because of a completely different digestive system it spreads oriental fragrances which even attract butterflies.

Thank you very much for this text to my friend shades-of-jade

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